Custom Beach Carts

Commercial Beach Carts are the perfect solution for resorts and beach clubs. Save numerous hours of labor using our Commercial Beach Cart and Commercial Utility Beach Cart. Made with Wheeleez wheels to navigate all types of beach conditions. Whether your moving beach chairs, lounge chairs, umbrellas, surf boards, or beach towels, these carts will save you valuable time and effort.
We offer a full working Metal Shop; including Stick, MIG and TIG, carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

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    Custom Utility Cart 8
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    custom beach carts 4
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    custom beach carts 5
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    custom beach carts 10
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    116 beach carts
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    beach carts 2
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    beach carts 4
  • 8
    custom beach wheelchair
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    beach carts 5
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    custom beach cart 11
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 2
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    custom beach carts 12
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    beach carts foldable 2
  • 14
    Anchors Bend Custom Cart
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    beach carts 14
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    custom beach carts 15
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    beach carts 20
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    custom beach carts 17
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    refreshment beach carts 3
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    beach carts 22
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    beach carts 33
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    paddle board beach cart 1
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    beach carts 50
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    specialty beach carts 3
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    1 custom beach cart
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    2 custom beach cart
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    3 custom beach cart
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    4 custom beach cart
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    98 beach carts
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    99 beach carts
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    99.1 beach carts
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    110.1 beach carts
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    111 beach carts
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    201 custom beach carts
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    200 custom beach carts
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    922 beach carts
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 1
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 3
  • 41
    umbrella beach cart
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 4
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 7
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    refreshment beach carts 1
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 6
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    97 beach carts
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    Custom beach cart wheeleez tires 8
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    custom wheeleez beach cart 8
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    Custom Beach Towel Cart 585

custom beach carts 10

Commercial Beach Chair Carts

These Commercial Beach Chair Carts are the perfect solution for resorts or hotels to move their beach furniture from one place to another. Whether you need to transport beach chairs, lounges, umbrellas, or any other items to and from the beach, our custom made carts will work for you. The carts are hand crafted from commercial grade anodized aluminum so they will never rust and are rugged enough to handle the rigors of daily use. The Wheeleez polyurethane tires ensure that the cart can be pulled or towed with ease, on even the softest sand. Let us customize a Commercial Beach Chair Cart for you, and help you maximize the efficiency of set-ups and breakdowns on your beachfront.
utility beach cart 20

Commercial Beach Utility Cart

The Commercial Beach Utility Cart offers a great way to transport just about anything to and from the beach. Fully customizable, the cart can be skinned in just about any fabric, giving it a truly unlimited possibility of different colors and/or designs. You could even have Resort Chairs print your company’s logo on the cart. Whether it’s folding beach chairs, surfboards, volleyball equipment, umbrellas, or food items, this cart will help save you hours in labor both setting up and breaking down. Let us customize the Commercial Beach Utility Cart that will best serve your needs.
refreshment beach cart 15

Custom Bar Service Cart

Our Custom Bar Service Cart is the latest piece of innovative design to come out of Resort Chairs. We designed this for a large franchise resort in the Caribbean for daily use, serving drinks to their guests on the beach. Custom fabricated to include 3 separate marine grade coolers for different types of beverages, and a speed rack for cups, napkins, and straws, we made sure to include everything the user would need to efficiently serve the thirsty beachgoer. The PVC material surrounding the aluminum frame is both lightweight and strong, while also providing an insulated environment to keep the drinks cool when the weather heats up. Complete with an umbrella holder, and custom printed graphics, done right here at our fabrication facility, this cart truly has it all!
paddle board beach cart 1

Custom Stand-Up Paddleboard Cart

This custom cart was designed to carry Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs) to and from the beach for lessons. With commercial grade anodized aluminum components, covered in soft foam to prevent damage to the boards, this cart gave the customer a safe and effective way to get the boards from the surf shop to the beach. With a width of only 32 inches, this cart can be pulled in and out of any standard door, and the fully articulating handle was also removable to make storage easier. The Wheeleez polyurethane tires, featured on all of our custom beach carts, make it possible for one person to transport up to 4 SUPs by themselves, across even the softest sand, with minimal effort. This design can be used as a template to customize a design to work for your resort or surf shop’s needs.

Custom Canvas Bags

Here at Jean's Canvas Products we have the ability to design and fabricate prototypes of canvas bags, then produce them in large volumes. We serve companies, large or small with a variety of needs, such as covers for their products or equipment. Our custom canvas can offer extreme protection with high impact foam and water resistant fabric, all while concealing the item in a bag or under a cover. Over and above protection for transporting and storing, our bags can also be designed for on site use. We also have the ability to label, embroider and apply graphics to large quantity orders.
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    custom canvas bags1
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    custom canvas bags 31
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    custom canvas bags 11
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    custom canvas bags 42
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    custom canvas bags 51
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    custom canvas bags 61
  • 7
    custom canvas bags 71
  • 8
    custom canvas bags 81
  • 9
    custom canvas bags 91
  • 10
    Custom Commercial Tool Bags1
  • 11
    custom canvas bags 101
  • 12
    44 canvas bags
  • 13
    Commercial Canvas Vinyl Bags
  • Custom Fishing Bag
  • Canvas Bike Carry Case
  • Utility Bag
  • Specialty Bag – Fabricated with high density foam to ward off impacts, especially sensitive electronics and equipment
  • Specialty Bag – Fabricated with high density foam to ward off impacts, especially sensitive electronics and equipment
  • Storage Bag Empty
  • Storage Bag - Enclosure Inside
  • Enclosure Rolled and Inserted
  • Inside of Storage Bag
  • Custom Commerical Tool Bag
  • Commercial Canvas Bag

Custom Canvas for Cars and Motorcycles

We can recreate, repair, or custom fabricate canvas solutions for any car, truck, or motorcycle. Send a few digital pictures of the vehicle that needs our services, and our knowledgeable and helpful design team can put together some ideas for you. For over 30 years, Jean's Canvas Products has been helping customers with their custom canvas needs. Call us and we will help navigate towards the ideal solution for your challenge or project.

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    custom canvas car top1
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    custom canvas car top 11
  • 3
    custom canvas car top 21
  • 4
    custom canvas car top 31
  • 5
    custom canvas car top 41
  • 6
    custom canvas car top 51
  • 7
    custom canvas car top 61
  • 8
    custom canvas car top 71
  • 11
  • Pattern & Complete for a T-Bucket 1927
  • Pattern & Complete for a T-Bucket 1927
  • Truck Bed Cover
  • El Camino Bed Cover
  • Jeep Top
  • BTV Convertible Top
  • Motorcycle Seat Cover
  • Pattern & Complete for a T-Bucket 1927

Miscellaneous Custom Canvas

If it needs a cover or an enclosure, Jean's Canvas Products can custom fabricate the solution you are looking for. For over 30 years, we have been helping customers with some of the most custom solutions imaginable. From dartboard covers and speaker covers, to custom escalator covers and privacy screens, Jean's Canvas Products can help. Call today for a Free Estimate.


    1 vinyl umbrellas1 

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    3 custom canvas1
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    4 custom canvas 11
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    5 custom canvas 21
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    6 custom canvas 31
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    7 custom canvas 41
  • 8
    10 custom canvas 51
  • 9
    11 custom canvas 61
  • 10
    12 custom canvas 71
  • 11
    14 custom canvas 92
  • 12
    15 custom canvas 101
  • 13
    16 custom canvas 111
  • 14
    17 a awning1
  • 15
    custom Chuppah canvas 1
  • 16
    custom Chuppah canvas 6
  • 17

    Custom Canvas Escalator Enclosure 1
  • 18

    Custom Canvas Escalator Enclosure
  • Custom Escalator Cover
  • Canvas Speaker Cover
  • Dart board wall protector
  • Jacuzzi Cover
  • Custom Outdoor Shower
  • Pet Shading
  • Privacy Curtain
  • Privacy Window Shade
  • Horse Mirror Covers
  • Privacy Screen
  • Specialty Equipment Covers
  • Chuppah Enclosure
  • Chuppah Enclosure
  • Escalator Enclosure
  • Escalator Enclosure

Tents & Sheds

In addition to custom tents and gazebo enclosures, Jean's Canvas Products supplies prefabricated tents, gazebos, enclosures, sheds, instant garages, portable buildings. Please call for shipping quotes and to place an order. 732-787-0070 Locally, or Toll-Free Nationwide 866-852-3224

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Our objective is to exceed your expectations & offer innovative ideas using state of the art techniques with the best quality products to design your custom canvas. Our innovative staff has over thirty five years experience creating custom canvas for the Military, Government, Commercial, Marine and Residential Applications.

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