4u2Sea – Marine Acrylic Enclosures

From the inventor of EZ2CY® comes the next generation of marine enclosures. Jean’s Canvas Products is an authorized dealer for all 4u2Sea enclosures including:

Cool2Sea – Marine Enclosure Acrylic

Cool2sea™ acrylic utilizes a proprietary performance formulation to block 23% of the heat conventional enclosures transmit, thus keeping Captain, Crew and guest more comfortable. Further, bridges and aft decks able to attain only mediocre air-conditioning results due to green-house effect when fully enclosed, now find cool2sea™ facilitating to a level of comfort not attainable previously. Also comforting is the fact that cool2sea™ blocks 98% of all Ultra Violet light! UVA, the most prevalent UV, is present during all daylight hours, penetrates clouds, plays a major role in skin aging/wrinkling and causes mutations that can lead to melanoma as well as increases UVB’s cancer causing effects. In addition, UVA causes chronic damage to the eyes and is linked to the formation of cataracts and macula degeneration.

Clear2Sea UV – Marine Enclosure Acrylic

Clear2Sea UV™ acrylic blocks 98% of all Ultra Violet light and is clearer than glass. Those wanting the traditional clear look combined with high tech advancements giving UV protection, longevity, clarity and distortion free visibility, with the ability to buff out scratches that may occur, will want clear2seaUV™. Exclusively available from the 4U2SEA™ Fraternity of Fabricators, clear2seaUV™, the future is now.

EZ2CY® is a Registered Trademark of EZ2CY, Inc.

Our Objective

Our objective is to exceed your expectations & offer innovative ideas using state of the art techniques with the best quality products to design your custom canvas. Our innovative staff has over thirty five years experience creating custom canvas for the Military, Government, Commercial, Marine and Residential Applications.