To maintain clarity and extend the life of your plastic window, it is essential that you wash dirt and saltwater off the surface. The effect of sunlight combined with environmental pollution will actually alter the chemical structure of your plastic window, resulting in permanent discoloration and brittleness over time. Following these simple care and storage instructions will keep your panels looking great for years to come.

Clear vinyl windows should be cleaned frequently. You should also treat the window(s) on a regular basis with plastic window protectant, PLEXUS.

Be sure to hose or blow off loose dirt particles from surface and then use PLEXUS PLASTIC CLEANER PROTECTANT & POLISH. Shake can well, spray on lightly, and wipe off and buff with a clean, preferably microfiber, cloth.

Do NOT use paper towels, harsh brushes, or abrasives when cleaning plastic windows.

DO NOT use harsh detergents when washing your plastic window.

DO NOT use products containing silicones or alcohol on your plastic window, such as typical commercial vinyl care products or glass cleaners.

DO NOT wipe or rub the plastic window when dry – this will scratch the window. Always wet the window with water before GENTLY wiping it with a damp soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

DO NOT store the clear vinyl when it is wet or dirty – dirt can result in scratches and dampness may result in mildew.

To store your panels it is best to hang them in a cool, dry place, such as a basement, or stack them on their sides if these are our welded frame rigid panels. If this is not possible, store panels flat, inter-leafing them with soft towels, with stacks no more than five panels high. If neither of these options are possible, you can loosely and gently roll your soft panels up into a cylinder shape, being careful to not crease the panels.

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