Custom Outdoor Kitchen Covers

Outdoor kitchens are beautiful and give you a place to enjoy the outdoors and all of its splendors while still offering the comforts of home. These are wonderful additions to any backyard, and deserve to be protected from the harsh elements. Protect your investment, and beautify your home with our custom outdoor covers. We will send our expert technicians to your home to design a perfect solution to protect your custom outdoor kitchen. We can also custom fabricate the cover using your photos and measurements, treating it as a Do-It -Yourself project. Take a look at the dramatic transformation that our covers provide in the before and after gallery below. All of these customers were delighted with their new Canvas Outdoor Kitchen Covers. The homeowners were all delighted with their new Canvas Outdoor Kitchen Covers.

  • 1

    custom canvas outdoor kitchen cover 2

  • 2

    custom canvas outdoor kitchen cover 4

  • 3

    custom outdoor kitchen covers 240

  • 4

    custom outdoor kitchen covers 227

  • 5

    custom canvas outdoor kitchen cover 1

  • 6

    custom outdoor kitchen covers 212

  • 7

    custom outdoor kitchen covers 205

  • 8

    custom outdoor kitchen covers 203

  • 9

    custom outdoor canvas kitchen cover 4

  • 10

    custom outdoor kitchen covers 201

  • 11

    914 custom canvas outdoor kitchen cover

  • 12

    custom kitchen VINYL RODENT PROTECTION

  • 13

    Custom Canvas Outdoor Kitchen Cover 223

  • 14
    custom outdoor kitchen covers 202

  • 15

    Custom canvas kitchen cover 222

  • 16

    custom canvas outdoor kitchen cover

  • 17

    custom canvas outdoor kitchen cover with tracking


  • 20

  • 21

  • 22



  • 25

  • 26

  • 27

Call us and we will help you navigate towards the ideal solution for your challenge or project.

Fully Customize Your Cover To Suit Your Needs

Multiple Tie-Down Options To Secure Your Cover

Shock Cords With Lashing Hooks

Lift-The-Dot Directional Snaps

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable Straps

Stay-Put Fasteners


Ratchet Straps

Lift-The-Dot Directional Snaps

Our Objective

Our objective is to exceed your expectations & offer innovative ideas using state of the art techniques with the best quality products to design your custom canvas. Our innovative staff has over thirty five years experience creating custom canvas for the Military, Government, Commercial, Marine and Residential Applications.

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