Custom Ornament & Estate Covers

Statues, Fountains, and other ornamental items like these have one purpose, to beautify your property. Help to keep them looking beautiful by protecting them with a custom cover from Jean's Canvas Products. With over 30 years in helping customers protect their investments, we can help design the cover that will function best for you, without looking unsightly. Call our knowledgeable and helpful design team today for a Free Estimate.

This fountain was fabricated from our heavy weight vinyl, expertly fit and installed to combat the elements during the winter.

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    1 custom fountain cover1

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    2 custom fountain cover1

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    Canvas statue cover 5

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    1 custom statue cover1

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    2 custom statue cover1

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    3 custom fountain cover1

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    4 custom fountain cover1

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    canvas Fountain Cover

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    Custom Vinyl statue cover 4334

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    Custom Vinyl statue cover 4339


    Custom outdoor statue cover before


    Custom outdoor statue cover after


    Custom lion statue cover before


    Custom lion statue cover before

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    Custom Vinyl Fountain Cover

Call us and we will help navigate towards the ideal solution for your challenge or project.

The covers for these statues and fountain area were fabricated from our three season fabric and provide protection from the elements with easy handling.

These planters have been fitted with protective vinyl covers that will keep the elements from deteriorating the planters and act as insulators for the plants.

Our Objective

Our objective is to exceed your expectations & offer innovative ideas using state of the art techniques with the best quality products to design your custom canvas. Our innovative staff has over thirty five years experience creating custom canvas for the Military, Government, Commercial, Marine and Residential Applications.

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